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1st round mock draft.

I realy didnt go in depth about the players. Tell me what you think.

1 - STL: Suh, Ndamukong - DT - Nebraska
They need a QB but i doubt they pass up this talent.Hes a game changer and can help immiedatly.
2 - DET: Berry, Eric - FS - Tennessee
They need O-line but they have to much money there right now go with Berry and you have a great safty duo with Delmas
3 - TB: McCoy, Gerald - DT - Oklahoma
They absolutly need a run stopper. they would like to trade down and get Joe Haden later.
4 - WAS: Bradford, Sam - QB - Oklahoma
New coach=new QB. nuf said
5 - KC: Mcclain, Rolando - ILB - Alabama
They need a leader on a defense that lakes heart. Big and Phishical run stopper
6 - SEA: Okung, Russell - T - Oklahoma St.
They need to protect there qb whoever it is.
7 - CLE: Haden, Joe - CB - Florida
They defidently need help on the defense. Haden is a great pick.
8 - OAK: Campbell, Bruce - OT - Maryland
Whoever is the QB they need to protect him
9 - BUF: Clausen, Jimmy - QB - Notre Dame
WHAT A STEAL. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the answer.
10 - JAX: Morgan, Derrick - DE - Georgia Tech
They need to generate some pressure. He can also help with the run.
11 - DEN: Bryant, Dez - WR - Oklahoma St.
With marshall leaving they need a WR.
12 - MIA: Williams, Dan - DT - Tennessee
With the D-Line aging they need some fresh blood.
13 - SF: Williams, Trent - T - Oklahoma
Alex Smith played better this season. They need to protect him.
14 - SEA: Mays, Taylor - FS - USC
They get to upgrade the safty position with a very phisical player.
15 - NYG: Price, Brian - DT - UCLA
Getting older on the defense and needing to stop the run this is who they go with.
16 - TEN: Kindle, Sergio - OLB - Texas
A leader who can rush the passer.
17 - SF: Spiller, C.J. - RB - Clemson
They need a home run hitter. Frank Gore is that consistent yardege man.
18 - PIT: Iupati, Mike - OG - Idaho
Give Big Ben some more time and he could be even more dangerous.
19 - ATL: Griffen, Everson - DE - USC
Almost no pass rush gave the Falcons a hard time. Very strong for a pass rusher.
20 - HOU: Thomas, Earl - SS - Texas
He always wants to be around the ball. Give more playmaking to the Texans.
21 - CIN: Gresham, Jermaine - TE - Oklahoma
Palmer needs some more weapons so he can get back to his old self.
22 - NE: Cody, Terrence - DT - Alabama
Aging got them here. Bring some youth and stop the Dolphins and Jets running attacks.
23 - GB: Bulaga, Bryan - T - Iowa
Protect Aaron Rodgers give him more time and he could pick apart defenses
24 - PHI: Pierre-Paul, Jason - DE - South Florida
They need to get more pressure on the QB without blitzing.
25 - BAL: Gilyard, Mardy - WR - Cincinnati
Joe Flacco needs a deep threat.
26 - ARI: Davis, Anthony - T - Rutgers
whomever the QB he cant get hurt.
27 - DAL: Brown, Charles - T - USC
There line is super old they need to get some fresh meat in there.
28 - SD: Dwyer, Jonathan - RB - Georgia Tech
With L.T. proble loosing his juice they need and between the tackles.
29 - NYJ: Hughes, Jerry - DE - TCU
Lb/DE is help were they upgrade over gholsten.
30 - MIN: Odrick, Jared - DT - Penn State
Getting old and help Pat Williams
31 - NO: Weatherspoon, Sean - OLB - Missouri
If not an immitiet starter then the get some depth here.
32 - IND: Sapp, Ricky - DE - Clemson
They get more depth to help out Freeney and Mathis.
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